Funnyish story....So, this evening my daughter and I watched the kids of a very good friend of mine. The eldest child is in the same class as my daughter, the next is in the grade below, and the youngest is in Kindergarten. Very cute kids, well behaved, and we had a great time (I color a mean Cinderella, so you know.) The youngest came over to me, slightly upset, so we went in another room for privacy so she could tell me what was bothering her. Her problem? " Mommy, Daddy and (brother) say that Daddy is 42. But every time I ask how old mommy is, everyone says "thirtyish" and I don't know how to count to thirtyish! Can you teach me Mrs. Red?"

I had no idea how to answer that, but said Well, sometime when a mommy turns thirty, she likes to stay thirty. After a few more birthdays, we just say that mommy is thirtyish..."

I think I may have confused her a bit, but thankfully her next question was whether or not we could have hot cocoa.